Update 10-3-2021: At this point, it seems that mostly Apple devices are affected. If you are still experiencing problems, check if there are any software updates available. If that is not an option, and you are still experiencing problems with e-mail, change the name servers as explained below.

Many customers are calling us because they see a warning that their website is not secure or they cannot receive and send mail.

What is happening?

Websites and e-mail accounts are protected with a SSL certificate. We use Let’s Encrypt, a free SSL certificate provider.  Over 380 million websites use that provider.

Here is what Let’s Encrypt is saying: “Our cross-signed DST Root X3 expired today.

That is extremely frustrating as it seems that they where aware of the upcoming problem but somehow it was not communicated to everyone who uses their certificates. At this point, I don’t have a lot information but I will update this post as I know more. Our server support team is looking for workarounds, but I don’t have an ETA for a solution.

Our customers have two options:

  1. Wait until this is resolved. With 380 million users, I am sure something will be provided, soon.
  2. Buy a certificate. I don’t have exact pricing yet but expect something around $150/year. Text me at 267-231-2319 if you want to go for that option.

Solutions to fix the e-mail problem:

  1.  Use webmail for now. Log in using https://web.weblinkstudio.net/webmail to avoid the certificate issue by using your domain name as you normally could. Here is a video explaining how to use webmail.
  2. Change the incoming (IMAP) and outgoing (SMTP) mail server to web.weblinkstudio.net. DO NOT change ANY other settings. This will use the weblinkstudio.net certificate which is not provided by Let’s Encrypt. Therefore, you will be able to send and receive mail again. Instructions on how to do that in Outlook are provided here